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Focused on Improving Cyber Resilence
Projects Delivered by highly experienced team
Dedicated Customer Success Manager for each Project

Cyber Security isn’t just a job to us.

We do this because we love it.

We care about security because it’s in our DNA. And we focus on offensive security because we believe that the best way to secure modern organizations is by subjecting their networks and applications to the same attacks we see in the real world.

We think everyone deserves to be secure online and this mission drives us to do better every day, to never stop learning, and to always be innovating.

Infrastructure Penetration Test
DevSecOps Integration
Red Team Targeted Operations
Mobile Penetration Testing
Cloud Penetration Testing
Managed Vulnerability
Objective-Based Penetration Test
Compromise Assessment
ICS/OT Security Testing
Application Penetration Testing
API Penetration Testing
DAST/SAST Assesments

CybrOps Labs & Research

Giving back to the community

Learn more about our research — and our commitment to openly sharing information.
CybrOps Labs and our team of talented researchers are focused on finding solutions to difficult security problems and then sharing that information freely. We believe that the only way to advance the state of security is to collaborate with the broader community, and that’s exactly what we do.

0days Uncovered
Ethical Hacking Tutorials published

Expertise and experience

We have a deep understanding of the latest cyber threats and the most effective ways to protect against them. Our team members have been trusted by leading companies to conduct complex cyber security engagements over the last decades

Strong offensive capabilities

We have a thorough understanding of various hacking techniques and are able to mimic the actions and tactics of real-world attackers. We use the same tools and methods that are used by actual attackers to identify and test the weaknesses in our client’s defenses.

Strong reporting and communication skills

Our team is effective in communicating and reporting the results of our testing. We provide actionable insights and clear recommendations to improve the security of our clients’ systems.

Accreditations, Certifications and Network

We are active members of the cyber security community, working in collaboration and in partnership with key industry players around the world. Our network extends to ensuring that we have the relevant accreditations and certifications to assure our customers of our professional service.

Cyber Security Certifications
CVEs based on our security research
TIBER-EU based engagements delivered
European Level CyberDrill exercises

Are you ready?
Start protecting your future.

We’d love to chat about your offensive security needs. We can help you determine the best solutions for your organization and accelerate your journey to defending forward.

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